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Montague Catholic Social Ministries (MCSM) is an independent non-profit offering access to programs, services, resources, and referrals. We are devoted to creating a safe, diverse and just future for the people of Franklin County and beyond. MCSM serves the community through Playgroup, Women’s Center, Family Support Home Visiting, Basic Needs, and Homework Help. MCSM does not discriminate, all programs and services are provided free of charge and open to everyone in the community.

Meeting with and listening to the community is our commitment. MCSM offers assistance to those who are experiencing challenges to their stability and security. Because trauma affects people from all walks of life, MCSM is a trauma-informed workplace; services are confidential, responsive and culturally sensitive. Together, staff and participants devise strategies to work towards strong, healthy, independent lives. Staff, volunteers and peers develop responses to prevent conflict, build skills for work and education, nurture relationships for better parenting, promote healing from trauma, empowerment, advocacy and civic engagement. Strong partnership and trust in the community enable us to provide over 5,000 services yearly to 1,000 neighbors.

For updates on programs and events, please visit us on Facebook!