Changes at the Women’s Center

A letter from MCSM ...

Dear Wonderful Women for whom the Turners Falls Women’s Resource Center at Montague Catholic Social Ministries has been a saving grace –

            As women who co-created the nurturing community with MCSM, you know best how much a safe space to find friendship and healing can mean.  We want to tell you once again as we have for many years through our faithful support of the Center, that we honor the healing and empowerment you have found together there.  Though funding has shifted over the years we have tried to make sure that the space remained true to the need. 

            Now we find ourselves facing new populations whose needs our mission also calls us to serve.  We have decided that Thursdays, starting June 4th, will be programming from 10-1pm directed specifically at women with young children or those whose children are not with them at the moment or women who have other specific issues in their lives.  We will invite them to come to special offerings so that, as our mission called us to do with you, we can listen and together discern what will best give them support.  We ask for your understanding.  Taryn will be the facilitator in the MCSM Women’s Center (new name) on Thursdays.

            We want to reassure you that Tuesday and Wednesday Open Hours will continue as they have for the past 14 years.  We look forward to seeing you at 41 Third Street then.  Family Center and Women’s Center Facebook pages will also be consolidated under MCSM’s (please like us and follow us here) as we try to make information and resources easier to find and maintain for everyone.

With respect and admiration,

The Board & Staff of MCSM

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