MIGRATION - Connecting through Art & Culture of the Americas

A Guatemalan art display at Great Falls Discovery Center curated by local artists.

MIGRATION October 1-29

October 1-28 at Great Falls Discovery Center, Turners Falls, MA: MIGRATION - Connecting through Art and Culture of the Americas, an exhibit of Guatemalan and other Central and South American arts, crafts, cuisine and performances to celebrate the richness that other cultures bring to our communities.

Monday, October 10 (Columbus Day), from 1:00-4:00 pm there will be activities by Native American people to bring attention to the impact of the “discovery” of America by Columbus and letting go of trauma and to move toward healing. Visioning B E.A.R. Circle Intertribal Coalition will perform and lead participatory music and dance.

Friday, October 28 fom 3-7 pm: Closing Reception and Celebration: The community and others are invited to share and celebrate the richness and diversity of our multi-cultural communities and how we can connect across borders and cultures. This event is a collaboration of Montague Catholic Social Ministries, Mass Parks Department of Conservation and Recreation, other local programs, The Guatemala Art and Culture Connection and the local immigrant community.

For Information contact:

            Susan Mareneck, Co-Director Partnerships, Montague Catholic Social Ministries             susan@mcsmcommunity.org or 413-863-4804 x1001; www.mcsmcommunity.org


            Imre Kepes, Guatemala Art and Culture Connection, ikepes@aol.com 413-687-8612;             www.Guatemalaartandcultureconnection.blogspot.com

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