Nurturing Fathers Group

Saturday, September 12, 2015, 12:00 pm until 4:00 pm
Free peer facilitated group includes supper and childcare

Being a father is an experience that many men share - but often they don't realize how important they are to their children's future! More studies are being done on the impact fathers have throughout their kid's lives.

Steve Hussey and David Connors, both fathers themselves who co-facilitate the group, say they are inspired by the fathers' candid conversation, their willingness to share and their acceptance of each other. "These guys have a lot to offer themselves, their families and other men in the community…the meetings prove to me, beyond the shadow of a doubt that mistakes, criminal involvement, addiction and even pre-meditated poor decision-making takes a back seat to a man's love for his child", David Connors. "There is no job we will ever have that is more important than our role as fathers. Together we can figure out how to be great ones." Steve Hussey.

Saturday, September 12th is the kick-off date for this Nurturing Fathers' series. The program will continue on Tuesday evenings from 6-8 pm, September 15 through October 20. This group is held at St. James Church in Greenfield and is a program of Montague Catholic Social Ministries. To sign up or for more information about this workshop series, please call Vickie at 413-863-4804, ext. 1002 or email

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